The 1970s

The Development of Black Theatre During the 1970s

National Black Theatre's legendary 1972 Nimrod Theatre productuion Basically Black

Aileen Corpus

Zac Martin

Gary Foley

Bindi Williams

Bob Maza

NEW! - Gallery of still captures from ABC-TV version of Basically Black - 1973

Material on History of Black Theatre
The Future in Black and White: Aboriginality in Recent Australian Drama - by Katherine Brisbane
"Aborigines to Get Their Own Drama Group" - Melbourne Age 28th July 1972
A Passion for Ideas: Black Stage - by Rhoda Roberts
"Give Us A Go - Aboriginal Actors Demand a Piece of the TV Acting Cake"
"Black Theatre Needed Here" - Adelaide News 21st Jan 1974
"New Significance for Oldest Theatre" - Adelaide Advertiser 9th June 1973
Review of Basically Black - Margaret Jones Sydney Morning Herald 2nd Nov 1972
National Seminar on Aboriginal Arts - New Dawn September 1973
"Fighting Stand by Aboriginal Theatre - Melbourne Listener 18th March 1972
Dreams of Bindi - Womens Day 1969
Program from Nindethana production of The Cherry Pickers - Melbourne 1973
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