The 1980s

Miscellaneous Images fo the 1980s
mostly from the Gary Foley Collection

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playing pool with B.B. King

"Building Bridges" Music Project 1988

A Country Practice

Paul Simenon & Joe Strummer - Clash

the Clash

A Country Practice

1988 "We Have Survived" Rally

1988 "We Have Survived" Rally

Cheryl Buchanan speaks

Brisbane Commonwealth Games Rally

with Ali Kazak of the PLO

Sami visitor from Norway

Naomi Mayers of Redfern AMS & NAIHO

with the late Petra Kelly

World Council of Churches Team

London 1980

Tim Finn of "Building Bridges"

1983 anti-nukes rally, Melbourne

May Day 1981 - celebrities

the film Pandamonium

with Gough Whitlam in Paris 1986

Commonwealth Games, Brisbane

The Neville Wran 5

Deutsche Nyarndi 1980

Dogs in Space

Michael Huthcence

Mum Shirl Smith