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Lawyer joins mentor at teaching's top - Australian 8th January 2003
British Columbia Apologizes to Its Indians - New York Times - 12th February 2003.
Aboriginal activist refused entry to US - Australian 20th February 2003
US urges visa care after Langton refused entry - Australian 21st February 2003
MP lashed for hate tactic - Age- 18th March 2003
A Hot Commodity With a 30,000-Year Lineage - New York Times - 24th April 2003.
Dreaming no more - Australian 7th June 2003
On Road to Change - Daily Telegraph- 23rd June 2003
Charting the moves for justice - Sydney Morning Herald- 9th July 2003
Visions in black and white - Age- 9th August 2003
Bones of contention - Globe Mail Canada 16th August 2003.
Pioneer of Aboriginal rights remembered - Age- 13th September 2003
Black elder's quest for dignity and justice - Age- 2nd October 2003
Ancestral bone bank at center of rights fight - Taipei Times 12th October 2003.
Activism's Dying Embers - Hobart Mercury- 18th October 2003
Canada's Indians Pondering How to Invest Land Payouts - New York Times - 6th November 2003.

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