Rare glimpses of life during the Koori struggle for justice 1938 - 1999

The 1960s
1965 'Freedom Ride'

In February 1965 a group of Sydney University students called "Students for Aboriginal Rights" (SAFA), led by Aboriginal students Charles Perkins and Gary Williams, began a trip that would change Australian history. Their journey was both an attempt to emulate the US Civil Rights Movement action in the early 1960s, and designed to expose the racist underbelly of Australian society in rural NSW. The following images are mostly from the excellent and highly recommended book "Freedom Ride: a freedom rider remembers" by Ann Curthoys.

Charlie Perkins talks about the Freedom Ride

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students Gary Williams and Charles Perkins
1964 Aboriginal rights demo by students
Planning the freedom ride
Riders of the storm
Route and itinerary of Freedom Ride
First demo in Walgett
First demo in Walgett
Moree Council Chambers demonstration
Moree Council Chambers demonstration
Mayhem in Moree
Outside Moree Swimming Pool
Success in Moree
Riders hit the headlines
Riders hit the headlines
Some are not amused
Martin Sharp cartoon
Daily Mirror editorial
On to Boggabilla
Driver chickens out in Grafton
On to Bowraville
Aarons & Williams drink in Bowraville
Demo in Kempsey
Welcome back in Sydney
A final media comment
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