The 1970s

Pioneer ABC-TV Production of Basically Black

In 1973 ABC-TV produced a television version of Basically Black. This was the first all-Aboriginal television show in Australia. The ABC-TV production was a heavily censored and politically 'watered-down' version of the stage production that had been so successful at Sydney's Nimrod Theatre the previous year.

Nevertheless, the TV version was a success, but not enough to make the ABC proceed with a planned series. The show is still occasionally screened late at night, or as a token gesture around National Aborigines Week every few years. Here is a selection of video captures from the TV version.

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Aileen Corpus

Bindi Williams

Gary Foley & Bob Maza

Bob Maza & Zac Martin in "Super Boong"

Zac Martin IS Super Boong

Zac Flys

Zac Martin

Super Boong!

Bindi is confronted with a super Boong

No. 1 Labour Battalion reporting for duty

A Pomee Lord dies of thirst - beside a waterhole!

Bindi Williams

Aileen Corpus sings

A Black Power Nasty

Angelic Bob Maza

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