The 1970s

The National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC) 1973 - 1977

In September 1973 the Whitlam Government announced the idea of a National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC). The NACC quickly asserted its political muscles during the two turbulent remaining years of the Whitlam Government, ultimately leading to a major confrontation with Whitlam Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jim ("have a drink) Cavanagh in 1974. Major clashes also occurred between the NACC and Department of Aboriginal Affairs chief Barry Dexter.

When the Fraser Government came to office in controversial circumstances in November 1975, the NACC continued its strong stance and was ultimately dispensed with in May 1977 when Fraser's Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Ian Viner announced the creation of a new body, the National Aboriginal Conference.

The following is a short chronological history of the NACC, as seen through the prism of contemporary media reports.

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Aboriginal Governing Council Planned - Sun 16th May 1973
Aboriginal Body Called Apartheid - Sunday Mail 15th July 1973
Apartheid? Never, Says Aboriginal - Sun 17th July 1973
A Parliament for Blacks - Age 12th September 1973
Aborigines to elect own national body - Canberra Times 5th October 1973
40,000 listed on Aboriginal roll - Canberra Times 23rd October 1973
Plans Speeding Up for Aboriginal Parl't - Sun 3rd November 1973
41 Delegates at $6000 - Courier Mail 6th November 1973
Aboriginal Body Gaining Support - News 7th November 1973
For Aborigines, By Aborigines - Telegraph 19th November 1973
Black Australia Votes - Sun 21st November 1973
Government Accused of Apartheid - Canberra Times 22nd November 1973
The Aborigines Voice -Editorial - Advertiser 23rd November 1973
The Aborigines Voice - Advertiser 23rd November 1973
Aborigines Get a Foot in Canberra's Door - Sydney Morning Herald 24th November 1973
Govt 'Propaganda' - News 3rd December 1973
Sorting the Future - Courier Mail 7th December 1973
Aborigines Committee to Meet on Thursday - Age 11th December 1973
NACC Elections - Poll to be declared on Thursday - Canberra Times 11th December 1973
'Proud Man' in Big Step - Advertiser 12th December 1973
Aborigines Get Bigger Say - Age 12th December 1973
Pay Us $20,000: Aborigines - Age 14th December 1973
$12,000 Pay Demand Not On: Black - Age 18th December 1973
Black Voices - Sydney Morning Herald 19th December 1973
NACC Walkout Threat Over Facilities - West Australian 5th February 1974
Aborigines Seek Fund Takeover - Age 6th February 1974
Aborigines Want Say Over Funds - Advertiser 6th February 1974
"Aboriginal Affairs" - Editorial - Canberra Times 7th February 1974
Black Power and the Purse - Age 8th February 1974
Attack Feared on Perkins' Job - News 8th February 1974
Aborigines Call on Cavanagh to Quit - Sydney Morning Herald 9th February 1974
Black Aide Plan to End Strife - Telegraph 9th February 1974
Aborigines in Power Fight - Cavanagh - News 11th February 1974
Black Congressmen 'off the payroll' - Australian 11th February 1974
Cavanagh hits at Aboriginal Council - Examiner 11th February 1974
Aboriginal Congress "Used" - Courier Mail 11th February 1974
'Bring Bryant Back'- say Aborigines - Geelong Advertiser 11th February 1974
'No Black Power' - Cavanagh - Adelaide News 11th february 1974
Aboriginals 'In Power Fight' - Sun 11th February 1974
Minister Blasted on Aborigines - Adelaide Advertiser 12 February 1974
Cavanagh Must Go Says Black Council - Australian 12th February 1974
Cavanagh To Meet NACC Members - Canberra Times 12th February 1974
'Black Parlt' in Peace Talks with Minister - Examiner 12th February 1974
'An active role or we resign' - News 12th February 1974
Cavanagh to meet Aborigine leaders - Geelong Advertiser 12th February 1974
Backdown in dispute - Mercury 13th February 1974
Blacks give in to Govt - Age 13th February 1974
Cavanagh has win in dispute - Courier Mail 13th February 1974
Cavanagh faces an uneasy truce - Sydney Morning Herald 13th February 1974
'We want Cavanagh out': Bennell - News 14th February 1974
Sack Cavanagh, say Aboriginals - Sun 15th February 1974
SA man to lead Aboriginal Body - Adelaide Advertiser 19th February 1974
"I'm Ready to Quit": Dept. Boss - Herald 23rd February 1974
Official storms from talks - Advertiser 23rd February 1974
Dept. Head - offer to resign - Brisbane Telegraph 23rd February 1974
Cavanagh backs Dexter in row with blacks - Australian 25th February 1974
Blacks Demand Control of $9m Fund - Australian 21st March 1974
Cavanagh Near New Showdown - Courier Mail 22nd March 1974
NACC meets in Canberra - Financial Review 25th March 1974
Eartha Kitt meets the NACC - Canberra Times 26th March 1974
Aboriginal leaders seek more control - Sun 27th March 1974
Apartheid? - Editorial - Courier Mail 28th March 1974
Govt to review NACC pay - Courier Mail 28th March 1974
Native poll cost $350,000 - Herald 28th March 1974
Aborigines seek wide power - Herald 28th March 1974
Minister agrees to constitution - Canberra Times 28th March 1974
Aboriginal council looks at its power - Sun 28th March 1974
$840,000 for Aboriginal 'mini PS' - News 28th March 1974
Showdown expected - Advocate 30th March 1974
NACC will not alter its constitution - Canberra Times 30th March 1974
Cavanagh asked to retract comment - Canberra Times 30th March 1974
NACC at odds with Cavanagh - West Australian 30th March 1974
Blacks defy Cavanagh over new constitution - Age 30th March 1974
New showdown likely on black powers and tent HQ - Sunday Press 31st March 1974
Cooling Down - Editorial - Herald Sun 31st March 1974
A Bold Black Experiment - Herald 1st April 1974
Blacks Review Charter - Age 2nd April 1974
Cavanagh, NACC in agreement on constitution - Canberra Times 2nd April 1974
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