"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.

Commonwealth Games Demonstrations- Brisbane 1982

1982 Games Newspaper Reports Index
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'Police State' Games Act - Courier Mail 21st September 1981
Maori Protest Visitors - Sunday Mail 28th April 1982
Track Attack 'Games Preview' - West Australian 16th January 1982
Renewed Attempts for Games Bans - Townsville Bulletin 24th February 1982
Protests will stay within the law - Townsville Bulletin 16th April 1982
Planned Spending May Be Reduced - Townsville Bulletin 16th April 1982
Aborigines Call for Boycott Support - Townsville Bulletin21st April 1982
Wider Powers for Police - Townsville Bulletin - Townsville Bulletin 23rd April 1982
New Black Threat - Courier Mail 3rd June 1982
400 Police Mop Up a March - Daily Sun 8th October 1982
Blacks Angry About 'Insult" - Daily Sun 8th October 1982
Ann Goes to Gaol - Bonner in Mourning - Daily Sun 8th October 1982
Land Rights Campaign Has An Emotional Finale Australian 8th October 1982
370 Charges over March - Townsville Bulletin 9th October 1982
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