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Debates about Museums, History, Colonial monuments and Repatriation

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Remembering the Racist History of 'Human Zoos' - the New York Times 29th December 2021
Boris Johnson's zeal to return Parthenon marbles revealed in 1986 article - the Guardian 19th December 2021
Return of Parthenon marbles is up to British Museum, says No 10 - the Guardian 17th November 2021
Thomas Jefferson Statue Evicted From City Hall Will Go to a Museum - the New York Times 15th November 2021
A Landmark Reckoning With America's Racial Past and Present - the New York Times 15th November 2021
Statue of limitations: Thomas Jefferson to be removed from New York council chambers - the New York Times 19th October 2021
Statues Reflecting on Racial Injustice Go Up in Union Square - the New York Times 2nd October 2021
Virginia to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue From State Capital - the New York Times 8t September 2021
Confederate statue removed from city hall in Louisiana after 99 years - the Guardian 19th July 2021
Memphis exhumes body of Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest from city park - the Guardian 2nd June 2021
Why every single statue should come down - the Guardian 1st June 2021
The ignorance that underpinned empire and slavery still has staunch defenders - the Guardian 4th May 2021
Why can't Britain handle the truth about Winston Churchill? - the Guardian 17th March 2021
Captain Cook memorials in Britain added to 'topple the racists' list - the Age 5th February 2021
Bristol Removes Statue of Black Protester After Just One Day - the ew York Times 16th July 2020
Former Smithsonian Staff Speak Out Against 'Culture Of Racism' At African Art Museum - the Huff Post 15th July 2020
Council divided over 'colonial' statue to honour Indigenous woman - the Age 15th July 2020
Council divided over 'colonial' statue to honour Indigenous woman - the Age 11th July 2020
Protesters topple statue of Confederate president in Virginia - the Guardian 11th June 2020
Confederate statue to be removed from Virginia's Monument Avenue - the Guardian 5th June 2020
Confederate statue removed from historic North Carolina courthouse - the Guardian 21st November 201
Learning from the Germans: how we might atone for America's evils - the Guardian 10th November 2019
Greece offers sculpture swap in bid for Parthenon marbles - the Guardian 1st September 2019
The British Stole Tipu'sMagic Box. It Should Not Be for Sale. - the New York Times 27th June 2019
British Museum 'has head in sand' over return of artefacts - the Guardian 21st June 2019
Living Things, With No Bone or Tissue, Pose a Quandary forMuseums - the New York Times 21st March 201
Germany Sets Guidelines for Repatriating Colonial-Era Artifacts - the New York Times 15th March 2019
Rijksmuseum laments Dutch failure to return stolen colonial art - the Guardian 14th March 2019
Queensland Museum has new focus on Indigenous scientific heritage - the Guardian 8th March 2019
There are few memorials to Australia's bloody history but that's changing - the Guardian 5th March 2019
Museums grapple with rise in pleas for return of foreign treasures - the Guardian 19th February 2019
Let's not lose our marbles over the British Museum boss's remarks - the Guardian 30th January 2019
British Museum chief: taking the Parthenon marbles was 'creative' - the Guardian 29th January 2019
Hey, that's our stuff: Maasai tribespeople tackle Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum - the Guardian 5th December 2018
Museums in France Should Return African Treasures, Report Says - the New York Times 21st November 2018
Not everything was looted': British Museum to fight critics - the Guardian 12th October 2018
Etched in Bone - chronicling Australia's shameful trade in Indigenous remains - the Guardian 3rd October 2018
'Wholesale massacre': Carl Feilberg exposed the ugly truth of the Australian frontier - the Guardian 21st September 2018
Should museums return their colonial artefacts? - the Guardian 28th June 2018
Decolonizing the Art Museum: The Next Wave - the New York Times 1st May 2018
Why are white curators still running African art collections? - the Guardian 4th April 2018
U.K. Museum Offers Ethiopia Long-Term Loan of Looted Treasures - the New York Times 4th April 2018
What Black Panther Gets Right About the Politics of Museums - Hyperallergic 20th March 2018
National Geographic: 'For decades, our coverage was racist' - the Guardian 14th March 2018
French President Takes Next Step Toward Repatriating African Artifacts - Hyperallergic 7th March 2018
The Fraught Future of the Ethnographic Museum - Frieze 28th February 2018
Black Panther: does the Marvel epic solve Hollywood's Africa problem? - the Guardian 3rd February 2018
'People are starting to understand': huge Invasion Day protest stuns Melbourne - the Guardian 27th January 2018
Time to mention the war - the Guardian 27th January 2018
Aboriginal MP receives vile threats over Australia Day flag call - the Age 19th April 2018
Should museums display human remains from other cultures? - the Art Newspaper 8th January 2018
Mungo Man returning to his ancestors - the Australian 16th November 2017
Mungo Man headed for final resting place, four decades and 40,000 years on - the Guardian 16th November 2017
Finding Mungo Man: the moment Australia's story suddenly changed - the Guardian 14th November 2017
The whole recognition process has a deep colonial resonance - the Guardian 27th October 2017
Grand master lost to history: Namatjira's legacy stifled by deal - the Australian 23rd September 2017
It's time to take the 'great' white men of science off their pedestals - The Guardian 19th September 2017
Aboriginal archaeological discovery in Kakadu rewrites the history of Australia - the Age 20th July 2017
Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago - the Guardian 20th July 2017
The legacy reverberates: how a repulsive image reminds us of our ugly past - the Guardian 19th June 2017
Cambridge refuses to return Aboriginal spears 'stolen' by Cook - the Australian 17th June 2017
Earliest evidence of Aboriginal occupation of Australian coast discovered - the Guardian 20th May 2017
Anti-colonial Australian works among new acquisitions made by Tate - the Art Newsletter 19th May 2017
Toronto gallery cancels show after concerns artist 'bastardizes' Indigenous art - the CBC News 28th April 2017
The racist professor, the bones and a university naming row - the BBC 27th March 2017
Protesters Block, Demand Removal of a Painting of Emmett Till at the Whitney Biennial" - Hyperallergic 22nd March 2017
White Artist's Painting of Emmett Till at Whitney Biennial Draws Protests - the New York Times 21st March 2107
113 years on Namibia genocide gets a hearing in court - the Australian 18th March 2017
What's in a name? A lot when we're admiring murders and murderers - the Guardian 12th March 2017
Aboriginal DNA study reveals 50,000-year story of sacred ties to land - the Guardian 9th March 2017
DNA provides window into early Aboriginal history - the BBC 9th March 2017
For Albert Namatjira, artistic licence went astray - the Australian 25th February 2017
Bye bye Batman? Melbourne founder's name to be erased from electorate, history - the Guardian 16th February 2017
Indigenous leader calls for repatriation - the Herbert River Express 28th January 2017
Why I don't support changing the date of Amnesia Day - by Celeste Liddle - Eureka Street 22nd January 2017
Yosl Bergner 1920-2017: Painter changed Australia's view of art - the Age 20th January 2017
The Smithsonian's African American Museum Tells the Myriad Stories of Black Heroism - Hyperallergic 6th January 2017
Australian Senate joins push to repatriate Indigenous artefacts from British Museum - the Guardian 11th October2016
The Gweagal shield and the fight to change the British Museum's attitude to seized artefacts - the Guardian 25th September 2016
Genomes confirm Aborigines as first Australians - the Australian 22nd September 2016
Myth of extinction of Tasmanian Aborigines stubbornly refuses to die - the Hobart Mercury 26th August 2016
Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire - the Guardian 18th August 2016
The history wars rage on - the Canberra Times 25th June 2016
The British Museum: losing its marbles? - the Bubble 18th June 2016
'My relative was a mass murderer of Australia's Gunai people. Can I make amends?' - the Guardian 22nd May 2016
Stone axe found in the Kimberley rewrites evolution of stone tools - the ABC 11th May 2016
World's oldest known ground-edge stone axe fragments found inWestern Australia - the ABC 11th May 2016
Hunt won't stop rail project for artefacts - the SMH 26th April 2016
Remembering the Appin Massacre - the ABC 15th April 2016
Electorate of McMillan to be renamed due to associations with Indigenous slaughter - the ABC radio 31st March 2016
UNSW defends Indigenous guidelines amidst claims of 'whitewashing' and 'rewriting' history - the Abc 30th March 2016
It's time Melbourne Uni stopped honouring eugenicist Richard Berry - the Sydney Morning Herald 6th March 2016
Heart of darkness: Melbourne University's racist professors - the Age 30th November 2015
Enduring controversy: BP sponsorship ignites new row over British Museum's Indigenous exhibition - 21st July 2015
Marngrook, Tom Wills and the Continuing Denial of Indigenous History - Meanjin winter 2016
Book tells of 19th century body-snatching and skull collecting - the Age 20th June 2015
British Museum's Indigenous Australia exhibition draws crowds - the Australian 23rd May 2015
British Museum exhibition Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation reignites repatriation debate - Sydney Morning Herald 1st May 2015
Indigenous Australia exhibition at British Museum raises questions and criticism - Australian Times UK 27th April 2015
Protesters gatecrash exhibition launch over 'stolen culture' and BP sponsorship - BP or not BP 27th April 2015
Aboriginal protests over plundered artefacts in British Museum - Elginism 20th April 2015
Indigenous Australia, British Museum, review: 'all too familiar' - The Telegraph 21st April 2015
Indigenous Australia at the British Museum: It's time to give the Aboriginal art back - The Independent 21st April 2015
Aboriginal protests over plundered artefacts in British Museum - the Guardian 20th April 2015
British Museum Exhibition Reignites Barks Debate - Museums Journal15th April 2015
Preservation or plunder? The battle over the British Museum's Indigenous Australian show - Guardian 9th April 2015
Reclaiming our cultural heritage: The burning cultural issue of the 21st century - Neos Kosmos 24th March 2015
Barks and Marbles: One Cause: Greeks and First Australians unite over stolen sacred treasures - Neos Kosmos 16th March 2015
Greeks in Melbourne Impressed by Aboriginal Academic's Lecture - Greek Reporter 9th march 2015
Forthcoming British Museum Exhibition - ABC News 25th January 2014
2015 and before
Culture War: The Case Against Repatriating Museum Artifacts - Foreign Affairs Magazine December 2014
Parthenon marbles: Greece furious over British loan to Russia - the Guardian 6th December 2014
Loan of Elgin Marble to Russia 'provocative and insensitive' - The Telegraph - 5th December 2014
Why are the Elgin marbles so controversial - and everything else you need to know - The Telegraph - 5th December 2014
He may have unravelled DNA, but James Watson deserves to be shunned - the Guradian 1st December 2014
Repatriation for beginners - The Private Art Investor - 28th November 2014
Why Britain must give its colonial booty back - the Guardian 5th November 2014
Reaping the whirlwind of Nazi eugenics - the New Scientist 9th July 2014
British Museum's Greek sculpture show expected to restart marbles row - The Guardian - 3rd July 2014
The bone collectors: a brutal chapter in Australia's past by Paul Daley - the Guardian 14th June 2014
George Clooney, Bill Murray and Matt Damon back return of Elgin marbles - the Guardian 12th February 2014
Ill-gotten gains: how many museums have stolen objects in their collections? - The Verge - 13th May 2013
The Killing Times - the Stringer 20th April 2013
British Museum Faces Call for Repatriation of Artefacts - The Museum Journal - 2nd January 2013
Turkey turns to human rights law to reclaim British Museum sculptures - The Guardian - 9th December 2012
Looted treasures returned to Afghanistan by British Museum - The Independent - 19th July 2012
Dark Hearts: We British have a peculiar ability to blot out our colonial history. - the Guardian 24th April 2012
Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes - the Guardian 18th April 2012
The British Museum: An Imperial Museum in a Post-Imperial World - Public History Review Volume 18 2011
Inside the killing fields of Queensland - the Australian 6th October 2010
Embedded Anthropology and the Intervention - pdf file - essay by Barry Morris and Andrew Lattas - Arena: September 2010
Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums - the American Association of Museums 2010
Aborigines demand that British Museum returns Truganini bust - The Guardian - 16th September 2009
Hidden QLD; Theft in the Name of Science - the Griffith Review August 2008
Australia Says 'Sorry' to Aborigines for Mistreatment - the New York Times 13th February 2008
'Nigger' stand to go but name persists - the Australian 22nd May 2007
Museum lawyers claim bias - Sunday Age - 29th April 2007
British Museum Payout for Nazi art theft family - BBC - 28th April 2006
IInto Africa: British Museum's reply to ownership debate - The Guardian - 14th April 2006
Aboriginal Skeletons Head Home - the Australian 28th March 2006
Aboriginal remains will be returned - Sydney Morning Herald - 7th October 2005
Zahi Hawass: A hat is a hat - Al Ahram - 25th August 2005
Antiquities wish list - Al Ahram - 20th July 2005
A bone to pick with museums - London Times - 16th January 2005
Greek and Aboriginal communities unite against British Museum - Neos Kosmos:English Edition - 13th December 2004
Trial set in Aboriginal etchings dispute - AAP 10th November 2004
Australian Tribes Seek Return of Native Artefacts - the Scotsman 1st September 2004
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - The Peninsula Qatar 27th July 2004.
Entr-Acte: For Olympics, Greeks already lose one contest - International Herald Tribune 5th August 2004.
The British Museum Dispute - A Predictable Response from Andrew ("Just an Excitable Boy") Bolt - Herald Sun 4th August 2004.
Taking Aim at HunterGatherer Engalnd - Age 31st July 2004.
Aboriginal group ups ante on artefacts - AAP 29th July 2004.
Crown Jewels Down Under - Circa 27th July 2004
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - the Peninsula 27th July 2004
Bark Etchings Fight - the Age 27th July 2004
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - the Sydney Morning Herald 27th July 2004
Countries battle over artefacts - the BBC 27th July 2004
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - the Lifestyle 26th July 2004
Aborigines grab art on loan from Britain - London Times26th July 2004.
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Classic FM Washington 26th July 2004.
Row erupts over Aboriginal artefacts - London Guardian 22nd July 2004
Minister weighs in to artefacts stoush - ABC - 20th July 2004.
Aborigines clash with scientists over bones - the Observer 20th June 2004
Repatriation: The search for Yagan - the National Museum Australia website 2004
Culture wars and the national museum - the Age 15th December 2003
Ancestral bone bank at center of rights fight - Taipei Times 12th October 2003.
Bones of contention - Globe Mail Canada 16th August 2003.
Egypt demands return of the Rosetta Stone - The Telegraph - 20th July 2003
Joint Statement issued by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the British Museum - UK - July 2004.
Artefacts Seized in Australia - the National Museum Diector's Conference 13th June 2003
Euphemism, Banality, Propaganda: Anthropology, public debate and Indigenous communities - Australian Aboriginal Studies 2003
Is it altruism or the fear of losing their marbles? - The Sydney Morning Herald 28th December 2002
Top museums unite to fight Aboriginal claims - Sydney Morning Herald - 11th December 2002
British Museum considers Elgin Marbles 'swap' to reduce 6million pound debt - the Independent 10th November 2002
The Skeletons of Colonialism May Get a Decent Burial At Last - the Independent 10th November 2002
British Museum Sold Benin Bronzes - Forbes Magazine 4th March 2002
'Breed Out the Colour': The importance of Being White - the Australian Historical Studies 120 2002
The Last Man: The mutilation ofWilliam Lanne in 1869 and its aftermath - by Stefan Petrow - ABORIGINAL HISTORY 1997 VOl 21
Angel of Black Death - by David Monaghan - the Bulletin 12th November 1991
Why Scientists Study Our Aborigines - the Argus 14th April 1945
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