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Palm Island Tragedy - Graphic stories of the shooting - the Daily Mercury 7th March 1930
Man Amok - Palm Island Tragedy - the Burnie Advocate 28th March 1930
Fair Play for the Aborigines - the Herald 10th December 1930
61,000 Aborigines Left - the Argus 8 January 1931
The Half-Caste Problem" by W. Stanner - the Sydney Sun 18th June 1933
Half-caste Aliens in the North "Grave Problem" - the Melbourne Herald 29th June 1933
Expedition Ready To Punish Arnham Land Blacks - Argus 2nd September 1933
Goct Prepares Punitive Expedition Against Blacks - "Lesson Must Be Given" - Melbourne - Herald 2nd September 1933
In Terror of Dying Alone - Nemarluk's Journey Of Pain - Sydney Sunday-Sun 8th October 1933
Fight For Life at Darwin - the Herald 17th October 1933
Terrific Struggle With Escapee - the Canberra Times 18 October 1933
Clean Away - Abo Killer in the Territory - the Herald 18th October 1933
Police Raid - Native Fugitive Sighted - the Herald 18th October 1933
Clean Away - Abo Killer in the Territory - the Sun 18th October 1933
Police Cordon Broken - Black Killer Still Free - the Herald 18th October 1933
Police Raid -Native Fugitive Sighted - the Sun 19th October 1933
Still At Large - Native Eludes Capture - the Canberra Times 19 October 1933
Nemarluk Again at Large - Northern Standard 20th Octorber 1933
Tribesmen Tell of Native's Remarkable Escape - Sydney Sunday Sun 22nd Octorber 1933
May Stir Up Tribe - Police Fears of Nemarluk - the Herald 23rd October 1933
Pursuit of Aboriginal - the Sydney Morning Herald 23rd October 1933
Armed Party Turns Back -Rain Aids Escape of Nemarluk - the Melbourne Herald 24 october 1933
Fugitive Black - Police Party Sent Out - the Times 24th October 1933
Escapee's Tracks Obliterated by Rain - the Canberra Times 25 October 1933
The Hunt for Nemarluk - the Melbourne Herald 25th October 1933
Fight For Life at Darwin - Tracker and Murderer - the Melbourne Herald 17th November 1933
Police Cordon Brokem - Black Killer Still Free - the Melbourne Herald 18th November 1933
Will Nemarluk "Shoot It Out"? - the Herald 19th February 1934
Prison Bars for Nemarluk - the Herald 22nd March 1934
Nemarluk in Gaol Again - Trapped by Love of Tobacco - the Herald 26th March 1934
Black Prisoners and their Chains - Neck System Claimed to be More Humanitarian - the Herald 31st March 1934
Pot Shots Taken at Blacks to Test Rifles - the Sun-Pictorial 30th April 1934
Forced Marriages - White Men and Half-Castes - the Sydney Morning Herald 3rd Ayugust 1934
Settler, Scientists Missioner - Versus Aboriginal - Pictorial 7th May 1935
Darwin Aboriginal Domestics Go On Strike For More Pay - The Herald 3 February 1937
Aborigines Petition the King - the Herald 7th August 1937
Aborigines Seek Redress - Petition to the King - the Sun-Pictorial 26th October 1937
Aborigines Ask for Full Citizen Rights - the Herald 10th November 1937
NSW Aboriginal Protection Board Rations 1938 - NSW Parliamentary Papers 1938 - 39
Natives Treated Unfairly - Aim to allow blacks to die out - Examiner 10th January 1938
Aborigines Protest - the Argus 17th January 1938
Historic Deputation to Prime Minister - the Cairns Post 18th January 1938
Blacks Day of Mourning "A Mistake" - Examiner 18th January 1938
Mr Lyons Only White Man at Blacks Deputation - the Sun-Pictorial 25th January 1938
Festival at Sydney - The Celebration Begins - the Times 25th January 1938
Aborigines Mourn While White Men Celebrate - the Herald 26th January 1938
"Day of Mourning" Pamphlett - 26th January 1938
"1938 Celebration" Poster 26th January 1938
Australia Celebrates A Birthday - Ottowa Journal (Canada) 26th January 1938
Extermination of Blacks - Allegations by Aboriginal - the Broken Hill Barrier Miner 30th November 1938
Deputation Not Admitted - the Argus 7th December 1938
Stir among the Blacks - 70 leave station - the Argus 6th February 1939
Self Government for Aborigines - Test of new system to dissolve suspicions - the Herald 27th July 1939
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