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Fitzroy Aborigines Complain of Persecutiojn - the Herald 17th September 1941
Grafton Aborigine Went Walkabout at the Front - the Grafton Daily Examiner 22nd December 1941
Why Scientists Study Our Aborigines - the Argus 14th April 1945
Pastoralist Charged Wth Killing Abo - the 20th July 1945
Our River Has Had Four Names: "Batman" - "Freshwater" - "Bay-ray-rung" - "Yarra" - the Argus 18th August 1945
Abo's Case To Go Before UN - the Herald 13th December 1945
Brutal Assault Of Natives Alleged - the Canberra Times 19th December 1945
Scraps from the White Man's Table - the Herald 13th April 1946
U.S. Attack on our Native Policies - the Herald 22nd August 1946
Contractor Gets Gaol Sentence - the Sun 24t August 1946
Aborigines Claims For the World's Highest Court - the Herald 30th January 1947
Minority Groups Complain on Human Rights - the Canberra Times 30th January 1947
Citizenship for Natives: Present Policy "Un-Christian" - the Age 3rd February 1947
Wreath Laid On English Grave Of Aborigine - the Canberra Times 20th May 1947
Australian Abo: Neglected In Literature. - the 17th September 1947
Aborigines Face Bad Winter, says Leader - the Sun 16th February 1948
Board To Discuss Aborigines Case - the Herald 17th February 1948
Charges on Blacks Treatment - the Sun 19th February 1948
Family to Adopt Aboriginal Girl Singer - the Canberra Times25th June 1948
"Minister Defends Transfer of Abo Chidlren" - the Canberra Times 26th January 1949
May Nominate Abo for Parliament - the Canberra Times 5th February 1949
No Train Seats Or Lights For Aborigines Official Defends Treatment - the Canberra Times 25th May 1949
Population Drift To Urban Areas - the Canberra Times 10th June 1949
White Australia Policy Defended At Uno - the Canberra Times 7th October 1949
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