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'War' Threat Among Darwin Aborigines - Sun 20th January 1950
Joshua son of George Mungullo, Alias Picaninny Young Fellow - the Herald 5th November 1950
"King Billy" will have a surname> - Sun 5th November 1950
"Darwin Natives Go On Strike" Herald 28th November 1950
Oldest Australians Mourn the Jubilee - the Argus 6th January 1951
"Acting 'King of Darwin' Puts the Strikers Case"Herald 17th January 1951
"Police Disperse Armed Aboriginal Strikers" Age 18th January 1951
"Natives Who Led Strike Charged" Argus 18th January 1951
Aborigines Talked of "Using Soldiers" - the Herald 19th January 1951
"Darwin Aborigines on Strike Again"Herald 22nd January 1951
"Aborigines Out On Strike Again"Age 23rd January 1951
"Stalemate in Strike of NT Aborigines" Sun 24th January 1951
"Reds Blamed for Unrest" Herald 24th January 1951
"Native Sent To Gaol" Argus 27th January 1951
Darwin Natives Strike Again - Union Help - the Sun 31st January 1951
Police Question Darwin Union Leader - the Herald 5th February 1951
Aboriginal Leader Banished - the Herald 13th February 1951
"Passport issued to Aborigine" Canberra Times 2nd June 1951
"Aborigines 'Rebuffed' Native Affairs Chief" Sun 10th February 1951
"Aboriginal Leader banished"Herald 13th February 1951
"Second Native Strike Leader 'Out Of The Way'" Age 14th February 1951
Reds Blamed for Unrest - the Herald 24th January 1951
Corroboree Barred for 10 pound a Day Tourists - the Herald 19th February 1951
"Reds Blamed For Native Strike"Age 20th February 1951
"Aborigine Tribe Expels Two Strike Leaders" Argus 24th February 1951
"Darwin: Town of Discontent" Argus 9th March 1951
"I stand with the natives for a new deal" - Argus 9th March 1951
" EQUALITY FOR OLD; AUSTRALIANS " Canberra Times 15th September 1951
The Cummeragunga Story - the Age 11th April 1953
Aboriginal Singer as a London Star - The Canberra Times 11th March 1954
"Canberra May Have Been Named After Tree" canberra Times 4th July 1954
Are we prepared to help our half-castes? - the Argus 3rd August 1954
Get The Facts on the Aborigines - the Age 21st January 1957
Three Point Plan to Aid Aborigines - the Age 6th February 1957
Boomerang Thrown in the City - the Herald 12th February 1957
Students Want $12,000 to Help Aborigines - the Herald 5th July 1957
Students Want 12,000 pounds to Help Aborigines - Herald 20th July 1957
Editorial - "Aborigines and their living conditions" Sydney Morning Herald 19th August 1958
Protest to Sale of House th Aboriginal - the Sun 19th August 1958
"Aboriginal families may affect tourists" Brisbane Telegraph 19th August 1958
"Aboriginal family's hopes dashed..." Sydney Morning Herald 21st August 1958
"White vs Black problem likely to explode again" Courier Mail 23rd August 1958
"Nambucca answers challenge" Melbourne Sun 5th September 1958
"Greg's Home: Fight Still On" Courier Mail 20th September 1958
"The Outcasts Come to Town" Daily Mirror 12th October 1958
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