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"The Things That Are Wrong With My Race" - Sydney Morning Herald 29th April 1961
"Lake Tyers Children Die from Malnutrition" - the Age 13th September 1963
"Unions back Aborigines" - Tribune 18th September 1963
"Aborigine to be Labor Candidate" - the Canberra Times7th November 1963
"Home is a heap of iron" - the Australian 4th January 1964
"Aborigine Policy Questioned" - Canberra Times 23rd January 1964
"Hit By Policeman, Aborigines Alleges" - Sydney Morning Herald 31st January 1964
"Aborigine Alleges he was Punched By Policeman" - Tribune 12th February 1964
"Aboriginal Freed of Insult Charge" - Sydney Morning Herald 22nd March 1964
"Charge Against Aborigine Dismissed" - Tribune 24th March 1964
"Bitter Ryhme" - Sun News-Pictorial 23rd May 1964
"'Ostrichism' aboriginal poetess says" - Age 25th May 1964
"Protest on Aborigines" - Sydney Morning Herald 9th July 1964
"Students Demand Aborigine Equality" - the Canberra Times 9th July 1964
"Students demand Aboriginal equality" - Canberra Times 9th July 1964
"First Aborigine Olympian" - Tribune 7th October 1964
"Clergyman criticises attitude to Aborigines" - Age 14th October 1964
"New Deal for Aborigines" - Australian 8th December 1964
"Assimilation something of a dirty word" - Sydney Morning Herald 16th December 1964
"Aboriginal Tennis Girl Stars" - Age 11th January 1965
"35 to defy colour bar" - Australian 12th February 1965
"Students picket colour-bar club" - Australian 15th February 1965
"Race bar students in angry scenes" - Sydney Morning Herald 16th February 1965
"Quiet Day at Moree" - Sydney Morning Herald 17th February 1965
"Police report on allegations over bus crash" - Sydney Morning Herald 17th February 1965
"Churchman wants full inquiry into Walgett cash" - Canberra Times 17th February 1965
"Editorial: Facing up to facts" - Australian 18th February 1965
"The Freedom Riders" - Bulletin 20th February 1965
Violence Explodes in Racist Town - Moree Battles Students - - Daily Mirror 21st February1965
"Tension Grows at Moree Over Baths Ban on Aborigines" - Sydney Morning Herald 22nd February 1965
"Moree men in court today" - Canberra Times 22nd February 1965
"Editorial: The Other side of the Creek" - Canberra Times 22nd February 1965
"Race tour bus driver walks out" - Australian 22nd February 1965
"Eyes of Asia are on developments in Moree" - Australian 22nd February 1965
"Aborigines Have a Right to a Full Life" - the Australian 24th February 1965
"State Law Will Help Aborigines" - the Australian 10th March 1965
"Aboriginal Education" - Australian 16th March 1965
"Aborigines picket parliament" - Australian 17th March 1965
"Newspaper criticises Aborigine position" - Canberra Times 18th March 1965
"Aboriginals in Hotel Sit-In" - Melbourne Sun 22nd March 1965
"Charles Perkins Report on Student Action For Aborigines (SAFA) " - FCAATSI AGMSun 17th April 1965
"Debt Repaid" - Age 6th July 1965
"Aborigines Arrested in Civil Rights Sit-In" - Australian 9th August 1965
"Funds needed in work for Aborigines" - Canberra Times 18th February 1966
"Many Aborigines do not want to be absorbed" - Sydney Morning Herald 23rd February 1966
"Aboriginal Leader in Racial Equality Plea" - Sydney Sun 19th May 1967
"Rose Takes The World Title" - the Age 28th February 1968
First Trip - the Sun 9th April 1968
"Aboriginals and Black Power" - the Australian 24th April 1968
"League Hits at Even Legal Adoptions" - Sun 26th June 1968
"Adopted Aboriginals 'in thing' in Australia" - Ottowa Gazette 17th July 1968
"Grandpa was a slave" - the Herald 10th August 1968
"Aboriginal Leader Held" - the sun 30th December 1968
"Perkins - 'I'll Fight The Charge'" - the Sun 31st December 1968
Natives Seek a Better Deal - the Herald 10th March 1969
"'Great White Father' image hit by poetess" - Age 7th April 1969
"A Better Deal" - the Herald 10th April 1969
"Murderer Turns Poet" - Sun 6th May 1969
"Leader held many jobs..." - Australian 3rd June 1969
"Jobs and Equality" - the Age 3rd June 1969
"Give Us A Better Deal" - the Herald 7th July 1969
"Time We Paid Our Back Rent" - the Age 9th July 1969
"Black Power a Monster Made By Whites" - the Australian 11th July 1969
"Batman's deal rejected by Aborigines" - Age 12th July 1969
"Yes Black Power, But Not Violent" - the Age 3rd August 1969
"Black Power - Victorians Are In For A Shock" - the Hobart Mercury 3rd August 1969
"Black Revolt as Inevitable" - the Australian 17th August 1969
"Black Power is Here" - the Sun 28th August 1969
"Meagher Hits Back at Black Power Leader" - Ballarat Courier 30th August 1969
"Aboriginals say Black Power need not be violent" - the Australian 1st September 1969
"Aborigines Report Raps Australia" - the Age 24th September 1969
"AAL Supports Black Power in Principle" - Sun 25th September 1969
"Aborigines Accept Black Power" - the Age 3rd October 1969
"Black Power ideas give Aborigines faith in selves"Tribune 15th October 1969
Growing Crisi in Aboriginal Affairs - Age 20th October 1969
"Sunshine Backs Doug Nicholls" - the Footscray Mail 29th October 1969
"$40,000 and Black Power Fears" - Age 1st November 1969
"Mob Attack By Natives" - the Adelaide Advertiser 12th November 1969
"Moomba Just a Trick Word" - the sun 29th December 1969
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