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New name but same game for Aboriginal body the Canberra Times 2nd March 1990
Aboriginal Skulls the Canberra Times 16th January 1991
Irish precedent for ban on mining at a sacred site the Canberra Times 15th February 1992
NB. Wongar: a white speaking for blacks the Canberra Times 9th May 1992
Blacks Tell it Like it Should Have Been Age 1st February 1993
Aboriginal Art Takes Off in Europe's Salons Australian Financial Review 26th April 1993
Black Art Arrives in London the Sydney Morning Herald 27th July 1993
Dreamtime Boom Time - Australian Financial Review 7th November 1993
Action, Not Just Fixes in Aboriginal Health - Editorial Canberra Times 21st January 1994
Songlines across Europe the Age 3rd June 1994
A Snub For Aboriginal Art the Sydney Morning Herald 5th August 1994
'Can't help being cynical about motives' the Canberra Times 3rd September 1994
Cologne Sees the Light on Aboriginal Art the Sydney Morning Herald 26th September 1994
Abroiginal Health Debate Revived the Canberra Times 19th December 1994
White is black the Sydney Morning Herald 15th March 1997
Black, white & grey all over the Sydney Morning Herald 11th April 1997
A year of cultural indecision the Courier Mail 1st January 1998
Party tried to block laws aiding Aborigines the Courier Mail 1st January 1998
State refused Aborigines basic wage the Courier Mail 2nd January 1998
Wik: New row set for High Court the Daily Telegraph 2nd january 1998
We lost Wik war: Fischer - Adelaide Advertiser 3rd January 1998
Land rights rush likely - Adelaide Advertiser 5th january 1998
Miners point to Wik bill: $30bn and counting the Australian 7th January 1998
Heat on PM over Canada's apology the Hobart Mercury 9th January 1998
Canada ignites native title row - Adelaide Advertiser 9th January 1998
Reconciliation needs more than a gesture the Australian 9th January 1998
Dumb politics wins the day the Sydney Morning Herald 20th March 1998
Pain but no gain for Aborigines in Pearson's posture - by Pat O'Shane - the Australian 11th May 1998
Decline and fall of a worthy compromise the Australian 3rd July 1998
Rare smile breaks traditional routine the Courier Mail 4t July 1998
Sharp Bite, Still Healing the Australian 8th August 1998
Pearson rallies vote for Democrats the Australian 14th September 1998
Race misses starter's gun as election theme the Australian 17th September 1998
The Man Who Changed Australia the Courier Mail 16th January 1999
Yorta Yorta to pursue land claim the Australian 27th January 1999
Obituary: John Newfong: Aboriginal Journalist the Australian 30th May 1999
Cape crusader the Australian 17th July 1999
New leaders, new ideas now essential the Australian 14th August 1999
Aboriginal policies hampered by fear of change the Australian 23rd August 1999
Discrimination is unacceptable the Australian 31 August 1999
Look back on anger the Courier Mail 9th October 1999
Clear-run pledge for Pearson plan the Courier Mail 30th October 1999
The man in the middle the Courier Mail 6th November 1999
Communities crippled by playing costly politics the Courier Mail 27th November 1999
Serious Aboriginal issues will prevail the Courier Mail 4th December 1999
No Compromise the Australian 18th December 1999
Clark's mob rule the Courier Mail 27th December 1999
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