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White Out - Sydney Morning Herald- 19th February 2000
Professor walks out - Daily Telegraph- 9th May 2000
The sorry state of reconciliation - Age- 25th may 2000
First reconciliation, then comes a treaty - Age- 6th June 2000
Thomson's treaty - Age- 28th June 2000
Tough talk - Sydney Morning Herald- 19th August 2000
Poor Queen, my country - Sydney Morning Herald- 25th March 2000
No shame, much gain - Australian- 21st October 2000
The People's Museum - Australian- 21st October 2000
Northern Territory's abuses `have led to apartheid' - Sydney Morning Herald- 30th October 2000
Surge in support for treaty with Aborigines - Sydney Morning Herald- 8th November 2000
Where do we go from here? - RECONCILIATION - Age- 9th December 2000
Greater focus on our first people - Indigenous studies - Australian- 13th December 2000

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