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The end of the Aboriginal assimilation ideal; - the Canberra Times 1st January 2002
Native title judge in push for new system - the Sydney Morning Herald 1st January 2002
Billy our silliest PM, says Doug - the Sydney Morning Herald 1st January 2002
Silly Billy - the policy goat - the Australian Financial review 4t January 2002
Mines 'depleted in 10 years' - the Courier Mail 7th January 2002
From Rome to Redfern, letter sends a message of hope - the Sydney Morning Herald 7th January 2002
Blainey revisits his hypothesis - the Canberra Times 12th January 2002
Mission aims to place ancestral remains at rest - the Canberra Times 12th January 2002
Howard shunts Hanson out of the mainstream - the Australian 15th January 2002
Hanson's legacy lives on in Canberra - the Australian Financial Review 15th January 2002
Battered & bruised - the Courier Mail 15th January 2002
Spectre of Pauline will haunt Australia - the Australian 16th January 2002
Editorial Opinion: The Pauline phenomenon - the Age 16th January 2002
Hanson departs but the embers she fanned are still smouldering - the Courier Mail 17th January 2002
Australians all let us rejoice, but pick another day - the Sydney Morning Herald 26th January 2002
Coat of arms taken from Old House - the Canberra Times 28th January 2002
Mabo: a moral crisis festers - Age- 27th May 2002
Reflections on the legacy of Eddie Koiki Mabo - NATIVE TITLE - Age- 1st June 2002
Much work to do, but let's give thanks for decision that's part of the landscape - Sydney Morning Herald- 3rd June 2002
Ten years after Mabo, Aborigines seek a new way - Age- 4th June 2002
Reconcilable differences - Age 19th June 2002
Black Lives White Lies - the Weekend Australian 29th June 2002
Outrage at mock-black comedian - the Sunday Herald-Sun 7th July 2002
Business `not the answer' for blacks - the Sydney Morning Herald 8th July 2002
Aboriginal numbers in PS down - the Canberra Times 11th July 2002
Possum feud `not black-white issue' - the Sydney Morning Herald 20th july 2002
Judgment in black and white - the Canberra Times 1st August 2002
Slave's daughter spins a spell of hope and justice - the Canberra Times 10th August 2002
Biography an act of Faith - the Sunday Tasmanian 11th August 2002
Tent embassy showdown; - the Canberra Times 15th August 2002
Police probe Robinson on pub cheques - the Courier Mail 24th August 2002
No treaty, but push for `agreements' - Sydney Morning Herald 28th August 2002.
Cape York 'champion' scheme a trial for a true partnership - the Courier Mail 3rd September 2002
A ride that began to close Australia's black-white divide - the Canberra Times 7th September 2002
When cultures clash Focus on Aboriginality - the Hobart Mercury 14th September 2002
Not within cooee - the Sydney Morning Herald 14th September 2002
Secret life of city blacks - the Weekend Australian 28th September 2002
Aboriginal leadership urged to step down - the Courier Mail 1st October 2002
Aborigines trapped by work-for-dole scheme: Langton - Sydney Morning Herald- 5th October 2002
Sugar Ray's bitterness - the Sydney Morning Herald 5th October 2002
Namatjira: a landmark exhibition - the Canberra Times 9th October 2002
Police move on giant tent embassy sculpture - the Canberra Times 12th October 2002
Tasmanian Aborigines win battle to vote - the Sydney Morning Herald 19th October 2002
This time it's do or die - The ATSIC Elections - the Australian 21st October 2002
Clean-up provokes ugly scenes at tent embassy - the Canberra Times 31st October 2002
Survival a matter of indigenous pride, but so is attitude change - the Sydney Morning Herald 31st October 2002
Reconciliation Place decision helped reignite tent rage The Canberra Times 1st November 2002
Black vs black over tent shanty - the Daily Telegraph 7th November 2002
Indigenous health faces bleak future - the Sydney Morning Herald 21st November 2002
The Whitlam legacy (adjusted for inflation) - Australian Financial Review 29th November 2002
Aboriginal `gravy train' off the rails; - the Sydney Morning Herald 2nd December 2002
Misspent funds, legacy of a divided land - the Sydney Morning Herald 3rd December 2002
Aboriginal leader accused of grabbing prime waterfront land; - the Sydney Morning Herald 3rd December 2002
The double life of David Gulpilil - the Sydney Morning Herald 7th December 2002
Native title legislation wrong in principle - the Courier Mail 7th December 2002
AMA blames apathy for indigenous health crisis - the Courier Mail 9th December 2002
Facing a politicised future for our past - the Canberra Times 10th December 2002
The quiet removal of the NMA's director - Australian Financial Review 12th December 2002
Refshauge's stance on land councils a cop-out: Mundine - the Sydney Morning Herald 12th December 2002
Landscapes in blood - Sydney Morning Herald- 14th December 2002
Fabrication fury but the rest is history - Courier Mail- 28th December 2002
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