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Aborigines riot in anger at boy's death - Age 16th February 2004
Probes into Redfern riots, death - Australian 16th February 2004
Battle-scarred Redfern on a knife edge - the Age - 17th February 2004
The Australian Black leaders lay the blame on politicians - 17th February 2004
Aborigines' Protest in Sydney Leaves 40 Injured - New York Times - 17th February 2004.
Predictable Latham slams parents over riot - 19th February 2004
Redfern youth was being chased, witness claims - the Age - 19th February 2004
Dodson fury on black health - 19th February 2004
Latham, PM, Ridgeway buy into riot, parenting - the Age - 20th February 2004
Flip-Flop Latham vows stolen generation apology - the Age - 21st February 2004
TJ's life played out in the 'dead zone' - the Australian - 21st February 2004
Foley gives "Boofhead" Latham a Serve - 31st March 2004
Foley and Huggins on ABC Radio National Speaking Out - 18th April 2004
Aborigines Say Australia Pushes Their Plight to Sideline - New York Times -18th April 2004.
Australia's Aborigines - New York Times -23rd April 2004.
Djerrkura - Aboriginal leader, dies at Nhulunbuy, NT - the Australian - 26th May 2004.
Regressive Politics In Australia - New York Times -14th June 2004.
Mike Mansell Slams Pearson AND Brennan - the Australian - 17th June 2004.
Coroner's inquest into death of TJ Hickey - ABC - 5th July 2004.
Inquest into death of TJ Hickey - ABC- 5th July 2004.
Day two of Hickey inquest - ABC- 6th July 2004.
Inquest continues into death of TJ Hickey - ABC Radio - 12th July 2004.
Inconsistencies in evidence on TJ Hickey's death- ABC Radio - 13th July 2004.
Conflicting police reports emerge at Hickey inquest - ABC - 15th July 2004.
Minister weighs in to artefacts stoush- ABC - 20th July 2004.
Row erupts over Aboriginal artefacts - London Guardian 22nd July 2004
Aborigines grab art on loan from Britain - London Times26th July 2004.
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Classic FM Washington 26th July 2004.
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - The Peninsula Qatar 27th July 2004.
Crown Jewels Down Under - Circa.com UK 27th July 2004
Countries battle over artefacts - BBC News 27th July 2004
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Sydney Morning Herald 27th July 2004.
Aboriginal group ups ante on artefacts - AAP 29th July 2004.
Taking Aim at Hunter Gatherer England - The Age Saturday 31st July 2004
Drug squad swoops on the Block - the Australian - 31st July 2004.
Millions lost from land grants - Sydney Morning Herald - 31st July 2004.
The British Museum Dispute - A Predictable Response from Andrew ("Just an Excitable Boy") Bolt - 4th August 2004.
Australian Tribes Seek Return of Native Artefacts - The Scotsman 1st September 2004
NIC claims false, leaked cabinet document reveals - National Indigenous Times 8th November 2004
Trial set in Aboriginal etchings dispute - AAP 10th November 2004
Indigenous payments may be linked to behaviour - ABC Radio 11th November 2004
Vanstone announces ATSIC replacement - National Indigenous Times 11th November 2004
Indigenous paper to dish more dirt - AAP 12th November 2004
Long walk sets PM a challenge - Herald Sun 21st November 2004
Legend's Long march to PM's door - the Australian - 23rd November 2004
Islanders riot over death in custody - Age 27th November 2004
Nine arrests for island riot - Age 28th November 2004
Outrage over black prison deaths - the Age - 30th November 2004
Payback warning over Palm Island - the Age 1st December 2004
Youths say man meted out noose punishment - Age 2nd December 2004
Black leaders warn police to stay away from funeral - 2nd December 2004
Now for the humiliation of Aborigines - by Kim Carr - Age - 2nd December 2004
Uneasy truce comes to Palm Island - the Age 3rd December 2004
Two charged on noose claims - the Age 3rd December 2004
Black leaders offer new accord - Australian 4th December 2004
Long Walk over, longer journey ahead - Australian 4th December 2004
'Give us some hope' - the Age - 4th December 2004
A force for her people - Age 4th December 2004
New hope for indigenous AustraliansEditorial - Courier Mail 6th December 2004
Indigenous leaders respond to land rights overhaul - ABC Radio 6th December 2004
New Indigenous body to meet - ABC Radio - AM 6th December 2004
Pat Dodson Sells Out - Australian 7th December 2004
Mick Mansell's Response to Dodson Sell-out - 7th December 2004
The trouble with Keith Windschuttle by Gerard Henderson - the Age 7th December 2004
Recriminations fly as accused face funeral ban - Sydney Morning Herald 7th December 2004
"Burn, you dogs": alleged taunt as station torched - Courier Mail 7th December 2004
A new indigenous politics Paul Kelly - Australian 8th December 2004
Govt 'gag' on indigenous advisers - AAP 8th December 2004
Greek and Aboriginal communities unite against British Museum - Neos Kosmos - 13th December 2004
Black apology on Premier's lips - Australian 15th December 2004
Editorial: Stark numbers on black deaths - Australian 16th December 2004
Mother and daughter face court over Palm Island riot - Courier Mail 16th December 2004
'Racist' officers favour white tenants - Australian 16th December 2004
Clark may pay for Yanner - Courier Mail 18th December 2004
Activist remains defiant - Courier Mail 18th December 2004
Clark on holiday as fare row grows - Courier Mail 20th December 2004
Redfern COA to resist forcible acquisition of The Block - ABC 20th December 2004
Clark backflips over purchase of Yanner's air ticket - Courier Mail 21st December 2004
Indigenous affairs back on agenda - The Age 25th December 2004

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