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Homes built on despair- The Australian - 5th January 2008
Incentives will bring top teachers - The Australian - 19th January 2008
Australia Says 'Sorry' to Aborigines for Mistreatment - The New York Times - 13th february 2008
Agendas of addiction - The Australian - 1st March 2008
Let's have fun, said some, and name a festival 'Up Your Bum' - The age - 8th March 2008
Journo fury at Aboriginal press curbs - The Australian - 20th March 2008
Forget a treaty, say Pearson, Yunupingu - The Australian - 25th April 2008
Bigotry makes us sick - The Canberra Times - 26th April 2008
From Apology, A Hit Song Makes Impact In Australia - The New York Times - 29th April 2008
Obama! What he must do to win by Noel Pearson - The Monthly Magazine - May 2008
A Tine to TryY, A Time to Cry - The Canberra Times - 21st June 2008
Theft in the Name of Science - The Griffith Review - August 2008
Five steps get them off welfare- The Australian - 9th August 2008
Ban Aboriginal dole until 21, Noel Pearson pleads- The Australian - 22nd August 2008
Thinkers, take up the chalk- The Australian - 4th September 2008
Offer could aid people who need it- The Australian - 25th October 2008
Man with his work cut out- The Australian - 8th November 2008
Oh Give Me a Home... - The New York Times - 26th November 2008
Pip Starr: Passionate filmmaker left broken hearted by his subjects- The Age - 19th December 2008
The day a black man, Jack Johnson, changed the boxing world - The Courier Mial - 25th December 2008

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