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Cultivating a nation: why the mythos of the Australian farmer is problematic - the Conversation 11th January 2019
This is not about grog. It's about depression, hopelessness and failed government - the guardian 20th January 2019
For centuries the rivers sustained Aboriginal culture. Now they are dry, elders despair - the Guardian 22nd January 2019
Beautiful and tragic: the saga of Wukalina - the Guardian 25th January 2019
When the Suffrage Movement Sold Out to White Supremacy - the New York Times 2nd February 2019
Aboriginal activist and writer dies at 80 - the Australian 4th February 2019
Trauma and poverty behind suicide of 13 Indigenous youth, inquest finds - the Guardian 7th February 2019
Tasmania's dark history involved dozens of Aboriginal massacres, how should we recognise them? - the ABC News 13th February 2019
Give indigenous a voice, says teary Macklin in valedictory speech - the Australian 21st February 2019
Warren Mundine to quit indigenous company awarded jobs contract - the Australian 22nd February 019
Indigenous babies being removed from parents at rising rates, study finds - the Guardian 25th Februaryuary 2019
Despite DIY rhetoric, federal Aboriginal health grant goes to non-Indigenous WA service - the Age 1st March 2019
Secret audit exposes flaws in indigenous land council - the Australian 1st March 2019
When Glenda met Sandy: descendants of massacre survivor and soldier unite in grief - the Guardian 4th March 2019
As the toll of Australia's frontier brutality keeps climbing, truth telling is long overdue - the Guardian 4th March 2019
The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront - the Guardian 4th March 2019
No matter your skin colour, all non-Indigenous Australians are complicit in colonialism - the Guardian 4th March 2019
'Gross negligence': Company cleared 'sacred' Indigenous land - the Age 5th March 2019
High-rise for 600 students approved for Redfern's The Block - the Age 5th March 2019
There are few memorials to Australia's bloody history but that's changing - the Guardian 5th March 2019
School students left ignorant of Indigenous massacres, history teachers say - the Guardian 5th March 2019
'Conspiracy of silence': how sabotaged inquiries fed massacre denials - the Guardian 6th March 2019
More than one in three female Queensland prisoners Indigenous - the Age 7th March 2019
Jack Charles did his time, but his record remains a ball and chain - the Age 7th March 2019
Descended from both sides of Queensland's bloody massacres - the Guardian 7th March 2019
Secret recordings capture hotel staff racially segregating guests - the ABC News 8th March 2019
The Scottish explorer who became the butcher of Gippsland - the Guardian 8th March 2019
Queensland Museum has new focus on Indigenous scientific heritage - the Age 8th March 2019
People might have lived in Australia twice as long as we thought - the Guardian 11th March 2019
White critics don't know how to deal with the golden age of Indigenous stories - the Guardian 15th March 2019
Living Things, With No Bone or Tissue, Pose a Quandary forMuseums - the guardian 21st March 2019
How Blackface Feeds White Supremacy - the New York Times 31st March 2019
The Real Roots of 'Black Capitalism' - the New York Times 31st March 2019
How Rupert Murdoch's Empire of Influence Remade the World - 3 Part Series - the New York Time 3rd April 2019
Darwin contractor pleads guilty to defrauding Indigenous jobs program - the ABC 5th April 2019
Pat Dodson and Nigel Scullion spar over 'perplexing' Indigenous voice budget allocation - the Guardian 5th April 2019
Reparations for black Americans: how an idea went from the fringes to the mainstream - the Age 6th April 2019
White Australia can't solve black problems. White Australia is the problem - the Guardian 7th April 2019
Advancing Australia's anthem comes at cost of fair scepticism of patriotism - the Age 31st May 2019
Three Shots: The death of Kumanjayi Walker-the Northern Territory as police state - Arena 3rd December 2019
Billions of Misspent Dollars Have Failed to Ease Indigenous bProblems - the Australian 16th December 2019
Aboriginal boycott as rival group favoured - the Australian 18th November 2019
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