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West Papua independence leaders declare 'government-in-waiting' - the Guardian 1st Decemberber 2020
Amazon deforestation surges to 12-year high under Bolsonaro - the Guardian 1st Decemberber 2020
Four French police charged over beating of black music producer - the Guardian 1st Decemberber 2020
Why Indigenous Australians must have their say - the Weekend Australian 5th December 2020
Heritier Lumumba reclaimed his name and found strength in African history. - the ABC news 5th December 2020
'Like a Cattle Yard': How Justice Is Delivered in Australia's Bush Courts - the New York Times 6th December 2020
Motorcycle gang laws overwhelmingly target Indigenous Australians, police watchdog reveals - the Guardian 8th December 2020
David Oyelowo: 'Nowhere on Earth has been better at covering up racism than Great Britain' - the Guardian 16th December 2020
Black Lives Matter power grab sets off internal revolt - Politico10th December 2020
Stretton's Shriek - the Monthly December 2020
In times like these, what would Oodgeroo do? by Alexis Wright - the Monthly December 2020
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