The Noel Pearson Dossier


The Noel Pearson Dossier

Noel Pearson is probably the most controversial Aboriginal voice in Australia today. Many Aboriginal leaders regard him with suspicion and consider him to be the leader of a new ultra-consrvative, right-wing tendency in the Aboriginal movement. Might this be the case?

Given that so much of Pearson's writings and ideas are often eagerly published in right wing publications and newspapers, does this enhance the case for those who argue that Pearson represents a new conservative assimilationist wing of the black movement?

The challenge for students of history and politics is to seek your own interpretation and understanding of the Pearson phenomenon. This comprehensive collection of Pearson writings and media coverage in the two indexes below are intended to enable students to develop their own understanding and analysis of his influential status and the ideas that underpin his political stance.

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Part 1. Writings and Talks by Noel Pearson

Part 2. Media Reports about Noel Pearson and his controversial ideas

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