A short documentary history of the Block in Redfern
Material from the Gary Foley Collection

Major plan to redevelop Redfern

source: The Age November 29 2004

The NSW Government has a secret $5 billion plan to redevelop Redfern by seizing control of Aboriginal housing on the Block and letting developers take over two-thirds of the area's public housing estates.

Under the 10-year plan, the Government will privatise $540 million worth of public assets in a bid to double the area's population to 40,000, create 20,000 new jobs and give the CBD room to expand.

In a major piece of social engineering, 20,000 new private renters and owners will be brought in to balance out the 7000 public housing tenants in the area, many of whom are poor, old and disabled.

In February Redfern was racked by riots after Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey died, falling from his bike while fleeing police.