A Condensed History of the Block in Redfern
The Block has historically been the subject of large protests, starting in the early 1970s, when landlords in the area conducted a campaign of evicting all Aboriginal residents. A group of campaigners, led by Bob and Kaye Bellear , successfully lobbied the Whitlam government for a grant which allowed the AHC to commence purchasing houses in 1972. The area was significant as an affordable source of low-cost housing for disadvantaged Aboriginal people.

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Early History
"How the Aboriginal Housing Project was Born" by the late Bob Bellear - Source: Black Housing Book, ed. Robert Bellear, Amber Press, 1976
"How the Aboriginal Housing Project was Born" by Kaye Bellear - Source: Redfern Oral History Website
"How the Aboriginal Housing Project was Born" by the late Colin James - Source: Redfern Oral History Website
"How the Aboriginal Housing Project was Born" by the late Father Ted Kennedy - Source: Redfern Oral History Website
"BL's Back Aborigine Housing Scheme" - Source: BLF Newsletter 1973
Media reports 1973 - 2015
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Academic Papers - some good, some questionable Note: These are PDF files - you need Adobe Reader to open them
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