"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.
Student Resource Index
Aboriginal Issues and the Media
for students of History, Politics, Cultural Studies, Australian Studies, Cinema Studies, Social Sciences and Law
updated 5th May 2014
Raising the volume: Indigenous voices in news media and policy by Kerry McCallum, Lisa Waller and Michael Meadows
Media dreaming: Representation of Aboriginality in modern Australian media - K. Bullimore, University of Canberra, 1999
Representing 'Australian Land': Mainstream Media Reporting of Native Title - Clemence Due and Damien Riggs Uni of Adelaide and Flinders Uni 2010
The Media and Indigenous Policy - Kerry McCallum, Michael Meadows, Lisa Waller, Michelle Dunne Breen, Holly Reid, 2012
BAD AUNTY: The truth about the NT intervention and the case for an independent media - Chris Graham - Tracker Magazine July 30, 2012
Aboriginal People and the Media: Reporting Aboriginal Affairs - Diana Plater
The Portrayal of Indigenous Health in Selected Australian Media - Melissa J. Stoneham, Curtin University, 2014>
Racism and the Representation of Aborigines in Film - Catriona Moore and Stephen Mueke - Aust. Journal of Cultural Studies 2:1 (1984)
Analysis of the representation of Indigenous Australians in mainstream print media:An exploration centred on the social determinants of health - Jessica Roberts 2007
Is green the new black? The representation of Indigenous Australians in the news media covering environmental affairs - Sophia Walter 2012
Review of Australian Government Investment in the Indigenous Broadcasting and Media Sector Office for the Arts Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2010
Aboriginal Health and the Mainstream News Media: A toolkit for journalists Leach V., James R., McManus A., Thompson S., Health Communication Resources, Perth 2012.
Is the media part of the Aboriginal health problem, and part of the solution? - Melissa Sweet Inside Story 3 March 2009
Australian (dis)contents: Film, Mass Media and Multiculturalism - Andrew Jakubowicz
Flip Side of Tragedy - Larissa Behrendt - The Victorian Writer Issue 2, 2014
Just journalism or just journalism: practising safe text - Linda Ghys University of South Australia, 2008
Separate Worlds: A discourse analysis of mainstream and Aboriginal populist media accounts of the NTER in 2007 - Fiona Proudfoot and Daphne Habibis 2013
The Sydney Morning Herald and Representation of the 1988 Bicentennial - Gary Foley 1997
Representations of Young Indigenous Men in Mainstream News Media Coverage of the ‘gang of 49’ Dr Clemence Due, University of Adelaide, 2013
The scabsuckers: Regional journalists' representation of Indigenous Australians J. Ewart, Central Queensland University, 1997
Screening Indigenous Australia: an overview of Aboriginal representation on film - Peter Krausz
NUMINOUS AMBIENCE: Spirituality, Dreamtimes and Fantastic Aboriginality - Philip Hayward, Screen Sound n1, 2010
The Media, Cultural Diversity and Identity Dr Angela Romano, Queensland University of Technology, 2007
Koori History Newspaper Article Archive
Index of Selected Articles and Essays on the History Wars 'debate'
Index of Selected Articles and Essays on the Politics of Aboriginal Art
IIndex of Selected Articles and Essays related to the problematic nature of Museums
Gary Foley articles for Tracker Magazine 2011 - 2012
Index of Selected Articles and Essays related to Indigenous people and Cinema
Archive of Reports and articles on indigenous affairs
Indigenous news and current affairs Archive